Our work at YWCA of Tanzania focuses on the empowerment of youth and women for the protection of human rights. This strategic focus is in line with the vision and mission of our Association. It is this focus that underpins and informs the design of our activities, projects and programs.

For more information our current programs click below:
GBV- Tamar Campaign (link to Tamar Page)
SRHR & AIDS-Reaching Youth (link to P-2-C)
Enabling Economic Empowerment for women (link to EEE PAGE)
Wajibika (link to Wajibika page)
Young Peace Performers (Link to YPP Page)
Know Your Rights (Link to LSF Know Your rights Page)
Read how the work of YWCA has positively impacted people’s lives here (link to success story page).

We are a non-discriminatory organization serving both members and non-members regardless of race, nationality, gender, political affiliation or faith.  In certain instances our programs employ positive discrimination whereby there is a focus on reaching women and girls with affirmative action to address historic gender imbalances.