Hi, my name is Eddah from Tanzania I am one among young women working with YWCA Programs. I had an opportunity to attend the International Conference AIDS and STI’s in Africa (ICASA) from the 5th -12th December 2013 in CapeTown South Africa.

The conference was exciting since it involved youths in discussing matters related to them around HIV/AIDS. Especially, as the youths that were discussing the matters where from the most highly affected region in the world for HIV/AIDS, Sub Saharan Africa. The most enjoyable part was Pre Youth Front Sessions since they involved group activities and Dance4Life group. However, the most interesting part to me was to meet people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV) from different countries in Africa  that are leaders in the fight against Stigma and Discrimination in their societies.

In Tanzania it is very rare to find PLWHIV exposing their status in public because they are afraid that they will be discriminated and judged. Even youths don’t disclose their status in general society. It was my first time to see PLWHIV with such great hope and strength to fight for their rights and for the world to reach the Zero New Infection target of HIV/AIDS.It’s a big lesson to share in my country, especially to young people to tell them to stand and lead the fight against HIV/AIDS and participate in discussions and decisions. And to always be accountable in whatever decision they are taking in their lives.

I dream to see Zero new infection, Zero discrimination and Zero AIDS related Deaths.

Thanks to our sponsors World YWCA, and our YWCA Tanzania for trusting the capabilities and power that young women like us have so that we can learn and share this wonderful moment because I definitely need this in order to be a good Agent of Change in Tanzania

God Bless Africa, God Bless Tanzania