How to start a local YWCA Branch


1FORM an organizing committee of at least 10-20 members. Ideally these young women and women should be from varying cultural, racial, ethnic, religious and economic groups in the community. They should also be willing to dedicate time to reading up on information about the YWCA in particular the process of organizing a new association, and encouraging other women in their community to join.

2ESTABLISH contact with with the YWCA of Tanzania National Headquarters to advise them of your intention, see contact us.

3SELECT a temporary Branch Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer so that minutes of all Branch formation meetings and accurate financial records can be kept until a Board or an Executive Committee is elected.

4BANK any money received as membership fees or contributions in a custodial account in the name of The Organizing Committee of the Tanzania YWCA Branch of …………………….

5RECRUIT members, at least fifty (50) members are needed to form a Branch. Members are at the core of every YWCA Branch, always KEEP a record of members, their addresses and phone numbers, Annual membership fees are charged and collected as determined by the Branch Executive Committee in accordance with the YWCA of Tanzania Constitution.

6UNDERSTAND the purpose and vision of the YWCA of Tanzania with members and how it can be used to meet the needs of women, young women and girls in your district.

7. DEVELOP Branch rules and regulations in accordance with the YWCA of Tanzania Constitution to be approved at the first official Branch meeting. Assistance may be requested from the YWCA of Tanzania National Headquarters in the development process.

8IDENTIFY the needs of women, young women and girls in your community/district for the Organizing Committee to develop a plan of action and determine priorities.

9. DETERMINE priorities and the required resources. DEVELOP a tentative budget to finance activities and SEEK the necessary funding.

10. HOLD the first official Branch meeting to elect the Board or Executive Committee and to accept the Branch's rules and regulations.

11REGISTER  the newly formed Branch by sending a letter of request and the Branch's rules and regulations to the National General Secretary of the YWCA of Tanzania for approval by the National Executive Committee. Approval will be based on commitment, leadership, Branch activities plan, financial plan and the Branch rules and regulation.

See our FAQs for more detailed information on how to form a Branch and if you still have questions contact us.